Why It’s Better

There are quite a few rust inhibitors and lubricants out there on the market.  So why should you choose HinderRUST over the alternatives?

When you compare HinderRUST to the competition, the choice is obvious.  Here a just a few things that make us the #1 rust inhibitor


  1. Consumers may be paying more for shipping, less for product

    Many of the other lubricants on the market are in aerosol form.  Which means that they are considered a danger when shipping by air.  As a result these products cannot be shipped by air in quantities larger than “personal care size” (3.4 oz.) a category most industrial lubricants and rust inhibitors do not fit.  While safety is important, the other issue is that shipping these products by other means may cost more, and the travel cost is likely transferred to you, as a customer.

  2. A product that evaporates can’t help much

    In addition to being in aerosol form, many other lubricants and rust preventatives contain solvents.  Our experiments have shown that these solvents tend to evaporate, leaving a less effective, half-dissolved formula behind.

  3. Animal byproduct-based, means bugs and odor

    Some of the most effective rust inhibitors we have found are poor lubricants.  In addition, the most effective rust inhibitors we have found are made with animal byproducts from which we’ve heard two major complaints among our customers.  The first, is that they attract bugs over time.  This is because of the organic components that make up part of their formula, changing the problem from having rust, to possibly having bug infestations in your car, boat, or other machinery.  The other issue we’ve heard complaints about is odor.  When applying those products, consumers sometimes complain of a “sheepish” or “farm-like” odor wherever it is applied.


  1. Can be safely shipped by air because it is not in Aerosol form.
  2. Has no solvents, and won’t evaporate.  When you apply it to metal, ALL of it stays there. (We encourage users to test this at home by pouring Hinderrust in an open-air test bowl/dish and their preferred brand in another to see which evaporates)
  3. Does not contain animal byproducts, meaning no chance of odor or bugs.

Information links-

T.S.A. Information regarding the restriction of bulk aerosol in flights http://www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/prohibited-items (Under “flammable items” section)

FAA information on flying aerosol