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Wire Rope Exchange (November – December 2012)

In this months issue, you can get to know a little about the inventor, Franklin Rieck. Wire Rope Exchange International Magazine November-December Issue features HinderRUST. HinderRUST represents the first steps taken to significantly enhance the lifespan of wire rope within the lifting and rigging industry in certain application.- Melissa Hood, Editor
Pages 33 & 34

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International Tug & OSV, November/December 2012

HinderRUST is featured on (page 97)

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How to Stop Rust with HinderRUST

Watch our brand new video demonstrating how HinderRUST protects your equipment from further rust at the same time. A quick application of our product along with elbow grease or naval jelly, sandpaper and you will never have to worry about the metal re-rusting.

For Expert Advice: @Hinderrust #stoprust

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HinderRUST Test Sample (Sept. 2011 – Jan. 18, 2012)

HinderRUST is environmentally safe. Tested outside in the New Jersey air for 4 months.

This is a test sample from September, product being tested, HinderRUST. Conditioning of test panel, air from New Jersey, time of test, 4 1/2 months. Application of test panel, half of panel brush-coated with HinderRUST.

Result: The Sample Plate was exposed to the New Jersey Air for over 4 months and HinderRUST was only applied once. The remarkable result is there is no trace of rust on the treated half…and some deep surface rust developing on the side not treated.

HinderRUST is solvent-free and bonds to the surface of metal better than any aerosol-competitive product. Most aerosol products contain VOC’s that evaporate into the air causing pollution. NOT HinderRUST!! Apply HinderRUST to all outside metals that are exposed to salt water and salt air. HinderRUST is a lubricant, it blocks rust, repels water, and most of all is environmentally safe.

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Preventing Rust and Lubricating Guns

If you are a gun owner, you know that caring for your equipment is essential in extending the life of your gun. Cleaning and lubrication is key.

We recently tested HinderRUST on a Smith Wesson in our lab. As you can see below, the portion coated in HinderRUST did not rust and the side left exposed did rust. What is important to note is that not only will the HinderRUST prevent a gun from rusting, it will also keep the moving parts of the gun lubricated so the weapon can continue to fire smoothly.


HinderRUST protects guns from rusting and keeps moving parts lubricated

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HinderRUST Test – Lock and Key

Sometimes we don’t think about the little things around our homes and businesses that have the potential to rust. Take a standard lock, for example. Protecting the things that protect you, your belongings, or your business is easy when you coat them with HinderRUST.

To protect the locks around your home and business, brush on a coat of HinderRUST, wipe off the excess and your lock is ready to go, protected from the elements.

Have a lock that’s already rusted or a lock that is rusted so badly you can’t unlock it? Not a problem. Spray HinderRUST into the hinge and you’ll get that lock moving in no time!


Side by side test: Locks in salt water HinderRUST coated rust. Right lock...badly rusted!

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Indoor Air Pollution: A Serious Concern

Cleaners. Polishes. Disinfectants. Lubricants.

Major products that you use everyday in your home and business produce harmful aerosols, which contribute to indoor air pollution. If you spend half of your life indoors, you could be spending half your life breathing in harmful toxins that are not only damaging to the environment but also to your health. You may even be putting yourself and your family at risk for cancer.

There are steps everyone can take, in their households and businesses alike. By switching to products that do not produce aerosol, you take a major step forward in minimizing your indoor air pollution and improving your air quality.

When Frank Reick created HinderRUST, he did so in a way that did not produce aerosols. Not only is this safe for confined spaces, and can be shipped on planes, but it also keeps you safe – never putting you or your air quality at risk.

For more information on indoor air pollution and steps you can take, please visit:

Prevent Cancer – Indoor Air Pollution: Cleaning Up Habits

Environmental Protection Agency

California Environmental Protection Agency – Indoor Air Pollution: A Serious Public Health Problem

World Health Organization – Indoor Air Pollution

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Preventing Rust on Your Car

Below is a series of pictures showcasing rust development on the body of several cars. By applying HinderRUST on small rust spots, the rust will stop spreading. Without HinderRUST, you may get rust buckets, as shown, which can be easily prevented by applying our product.

preventing car rust

Roof rack; middle section not coated, sides coated with HinderRUST over rust.


Put HinderRUST on rust as soon as it starts. It will stop the spreading into rust buckets shown below.

Apply HinderRUST to prevent rust from building up on your favorite car.

preventing car rust

Stop it before it spreads; apply HinderRUST at the first sign of rust on your car.

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