Indoor Air Pollution: A Serious Concern

Cleaners. Polishes. Disinfectants. Lubricants.

Major products that you use everyday in your home and business produce harmful aerosols, which contribute to indoor air pollution. If you spend half of your life indoors, you could be spending half your life breathing in harmful toxins that are not only damaging to the environment but also to your health. You may even be putting yourself and your family at risk for cancer.

There are steps everyone can take, in their households and businesses alike. By switching to products that do not produce aerosol, you take a major step forward in minimizing your indoor air pollution and improving your air quality.

When Frank Reick created HinderRUST, he did so in a way that did not produce aerosols. Not only is this safe for confined spaces, and can be shipped on planes, but it also keeps you safe – never putting you or your air quality at risk.

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