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Finally, a scientifically-developed
rust inhibitor that really works!

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  • WD-40

*Actual steel corrosion after 30 days in sealed chamber at 90% humidity.
Over 20 products actually tested.
Only HinderRUST treated surface remained rust free

rust inhibitor

Spray or brush a little on your metal tools, outdoor machines, boats or cars now, and extend their life and appearance for years. HinderRUST is a long lasting, VOC-free, non-solvent rust inhibitor and lubricant. The first true rust inhibitor of its kind, the best of its kind.

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automotive undercoating

HinderRUST S4.0/HV100 for automotive underbody protection is a high viscosity, highly adherent undercoating formula that can easily be applied by hand or with a simple sprayer.


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There are quite a few rust inhibitors and lubricants out there on the market. So why should you
choose HinderRUST over the alternatives? When you compare HinderRUST to the competition,
the choice is obvious. Here are just a few things that make us the #1 rust inhibitor.

  • Prevents rust more completely than any other rust preventer.
  • Completely non VOC. 100% absent volatile organic compounds that make you sick.
  • Lasts longer than other inhibitors, less need for reapplication (if ever).
  • No Solvents! Almost every other inhibitor on the market uses highly flammable solvents.
  • A lubricant as well as an inhibitor. Based on award- winning Tufoil technology.


We applied your product to a heavily-rusted folding machine feed roller chain. The chain had been stiffened by rust for over a year, rendering the machine inoperable. HinderRUST dissolved the rust, lubricated the chain, and returned it to a usable state. BEACON PRESS


Fluoramics, Inc. has developed HinderRUST- A solvent free rust inhibitor, rust prevention and corrosion protection lubricant for your most essential equipment.

HinderRUST is the perfect solution to rust and corrosion prevention as well as mechanical lubrication. Aerosol-free and odorless, our product can be transported on airplanes and used in confined spaces such a trains. Our product can help prevent rust and stop corrosion on machines large and small - from major equipment in factories to car engines.

Frank Reick, president of Fluoramics, Inc, and inventor of Tufoil, created HinderRUST, a product that takes a major step forward in the world of lubrication.

Frank Reick HinderRUST overview
Wire Rope Video
Hinder RUST soaks right into our wire rope, protecting the entire cable. CHRIS REINAUER
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